Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. To process your own images as Background images, simply select the printer’s Setup mode and scroll to the Background Setup option. In just a couple of minutes I had a nice proof sheet of the images with the dates and file names of each included in the print of each image–very slick! In the middle panel, we compare the P’s performance with a competing standalone inkjet printer, the Kodak Personal PictureMaker The printer features relatively few control buttons, each of which is clearly labeled as to its function. No accessories are included if not pictured or specifically noted. You must designate the download source using the left and right arrow buttons.

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You open it by lowering the two eject buttons on either side of the cover and swinging it out and downward.

olympus p400

Thus, it fairly accurately represents olympus p400 range of human vision. Black-and-white and sepia olympus p400 filters and up to illustrated stamps for greeting cards. As soon as I got the printer on my G4 I was relieved to learn that the Olympus P can print rapidly, although the larger the file size being printed the more the time to process the data for printing.

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The ribbon contains enough pigment to produce the maximum black at every point of the page. Olympus p400 the first to write a review. We did encounter rather anomalous resolution behavior when we printed from the computer either Mac or PC, we tried both and olympus p400 incoming file was scaled to something other than the engine resolution.

Just keep in mind that when using the All Select option, the P doesn’t allow you to set the number of prints, crop images, or use the DPOF settings originally selected in the camera. Olympus p400 may take oljmpus presses before the cancel order registers. I took the prints along with me to get his take on them. The large ink cassette has two horizontal bars, one on olympus p400 and the one on the bottom, with a flat media transfer area in between.


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Unfortunately, there is olympus p400 reliable third-party data available yet on the P’s print life, so we’re a bit up in the air olhmpus fade resistance. The LCD panel is one of the few areas we found to criticize on the P Two card slots on the front of the printer olympus p400 either SmartMedia 3.

Instead, you have to olympus p400 the Mode dial to another setting to cancel out the menu. The P uses a three-color cyan, magenta, yellow heat transfer process to produce its continuous-tone, dye-sublimation prints.

Olympus P Digital Photography Review

One aspect of the P’s gamut plot that is significant is the way in which the low-luminance area bottom olympus p400 the 3-D figure above covers a fairly broad range of chrominance values, as evidenced by the relatively flat bottom. Oly,pus conveniences for the digital camera user include printing directly from camera storage media, and the printer’s ability to produce thumbnail proof sheets including the image file names and the date the image was made.

There is a greater, broader olympus p400 to this Olympus introduction. Make sure olympus p400 paper in the cassette matches the format you’ve selected.

Olympus P-400

Then I loaded the paper and the ink ribbon following the very detailed step-by-step manual p400. And essentially all printer manufactures choose the most wildly optimistic interpretation available.

SmartMedia and PC Card slots for reading memory cards are olympus p400 the right of the printer cover, with an olympus p400 button for removing the larger Olympus p400 Cards. The SmartMedia ooympus PC Card lamps light up when you select Input on the Mode dial if the appropriate card is insertedand flash when the card is being accessed.


In Picture Select mode, this button selects images on the memory card for printing. These Are the Best Filters for Olympus p400 This image was printed at a resolution of dpi.

Be the first to write a review. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. In olympus p400 case of the P, it appears that Olympus is counting as “print time” only the time that the print engine spends actually laying down color on the paper. Are Your Prints Too Dark? EZ Print Page If you’d like to print a copy of this review to olympus p400 off-line, click here for a version minus the olympus p400 bar, tables, etc. What does this price mean?

The Printing light flashes when data olympus p400 being received or processed, and glows when an image is being printed. On the other hand, the actual print times are a lot closer to the quoted print time than those of olympus p400 competing inkjet models. There are five levels of preset cropping in both horizontal and vertical directions.