Make an image of your install first incase you break it Sign in Already have an account? You can look my problem on thsi topic: Also tried with -v. While on the verbose mode, sometimes it appears “waiting for boot volume” or something like that , sometimes its other thing. I get no errors, just goes to a black screen. Best seems to be the VoodooHDA kext 0.

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Драйверы для ASUS P5KPL-AM/BR

I have same Asus board and same config But installer is not get started. You need to be p5kpl-am br member in order to leave a comment.

I have ideneb p5kpl-am br Posted June 23, I used the most recent video injector in the list can’t remember which but it was the first on the list and it is working p5kpl-am br than ever. I follow japogiii guide, spent 7 p5kpl-am br 8 nights, and i got myself a dual boot ideneb 1. I will wait for a well compiled X86 release from a well known source before I attempt a retail DVD install Anybody had the same problem?


Help me to install mac os. By japogiiiApril 1, in Hardware Components and Drivers.

You know where p5kpl-am br find it. The nice thing is it also has the new vodoo audio which works out of the box and appears to have input p5kpl-am br possibly even spdif working although I have not test either.

Posted August 27, DVD p5kpl-am br satareads and install the os. I was searching in google if p5kpl-am br asus p5kpl-am se moBo works with the new snow leopard and I never found anything so has anyone else have tried it?

Buy Bios-Chips, ASUS P5KPL-AM/BR, from €, new, incl. Programming |

P5kpl-am br, I did NOT p5kpl-am br anything good enough of snow leopard yet that made me wants to move for it. You can check the serial number too: Anyway that is my short novel for the day.

BIOS settings are important to get full sleep, shutdown and restart working. I follow japogiii guide, spent 7 or 8 p5kol-am. Posted P5kpl-am br 18, It was the system profile.


It keeps in the p5opl-am screen” or, p5kpl-am br was in verbose mode -v:. Hi, i’ve got a P5kpl-am recently and i was thinking about installing the Hackintosh on it.

Asus P5KPL-AM/PS User Manual

Was very straight forward. I have to buy another one. Posted September 22, p5kpl-am br Posted August 12, Make an image of your install first incase you break it DVD player refuse to load up.

Also updated to Posted June 24, Well, i’m thinking about installing the iDeneb v1. Posted December 11, I p5kpl-am br updating the bios of this board to p5kpl-am br latest as it had an overly blinky cursor that was driving me crazy.

None of the APIC stuff.