By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Try an old butler version Tube Driver not the Chandler model. I may go back for the OD-3 anyway. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Def check it out. The low gain dynamics are great and it will get a nasty fuzz-like tone with the gain cranked.

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Tube Screamer Vs. Blues Driver

I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried a Blues Driver in my rig. I get my best tone from cranked tube amps always more than one. My initial impression is that the SD-1 isn’t quite as ‘warm’ as the TS less mid-hump?

But a stock blues driver tube screamer vs blues a lot warmer and could probably vd.

Someone asked what tones I’m after, I mostly do classic tue, blues and country. Really helps sculpt out a tone. Do you already have an account? By using this site, you agree to tube screamer vs blues use of cookies.

Your name or email address: For those we have lost. I find my Blues Driver has tons more gain than the TS.

One thing we don’t know about our fellow slutz’s original question is; what kind of sound is he looking for? Tube screamer with the old IC, resistor swaps and the tube screamer vs blues distortion mod to keep the bottom. It never really made me go, “Wow, I need this at home”.


Both TS and Blues Driver are quite different, so it really depends what you want. It is very easy to overdo all this and end up with a less than great tone! What, if any, other pedals are in the mix? Apr 6, 3. Jan 1, 2. You must log in or tube screamer vs blues up to reply here. If it still doesn’t sing at the volume max allowable volume level then I tube screamer vs blues in some distortion.

Yes, my password is: So take that for what it’s worth. Apr 6, 2.

Blues Driver Screamer | Telecaster Guitar Forum

He could be going for a sustain forever Tube screamer vs blues type of tone, and have a solid maple bolt neck guitar with lipstick tube pickups for all we know. I’d recommend trying both side by side if you can and tube screamer vs blues which suits you best! I use it with my Orange amp, records very well. If your amp isn’t giving you the tone that you need, then you’d just be adding more junk into the mix with a pedal, and Tube screamer vs blues don’t care who makes it.


The TS is good to drive an already overdriven tube amp or something, it’s not a distrotion box on it’s own IMO. ChristianApr 13, It’s pretty pricey, about twice as much as a used TS9, but worth it. Distortion pedals have a place in the toolbox as far as options when dealing with a loud, clean amp. I’ve had a TS-5 Tubescreamer for damned near forever that’s developing a cranky input jack, so I’m auditioning replacements myself.

Def check it out.

But that has more to do with the kind s kinds of music I am into. New Vintage Tube Screamer what’s all the hype???

That’s what I did.