And, correct me if I’m wrong, you could just edit the PID and VID to the appropriate values assuming you had them in the registry using the method linked above, right? The unique cable design ensures quick release of I suspect the real issue has something to do with residual vibration of neighboring strings interfering with the in game note detection. Otherwise, It will just tell you to plug in a RealTone cable. If money is not an issue, are there cables out there that work better in Rocksmith than the Realtone cable? And my guitar does a good job of staying in tune after songs. PC Configuration and Setup Guide.

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The big reason for this, is any guitar to usb cable that costs less than the RealTone, also has significantly higher latency.

Maybe adding some palm muting may help with the detection. Optimize Your Audio Setup. Rocksmith Remastered comes with over 50 songs, Guitarcade modes to gamify your learning experience, online leaderboards, a streamlined interface, and much more.

Rocksmith Real Tone Guitar & Bass Cable | The Gamesmen

Trading Card Games Accessories. Submit a new text post. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As for giving a hit when you cqble hit the correct note, it looks for a frequency, if that frequency is coming from your ubisoft real tone cable, it grants a hit.


Our sales manager will leave you positi RockSmith Cable Refine Results. Ok, good to know. PC Configuration and Setup Guide. I was a classically trained violinist before so I definitely do ubisoft real tone cable have a heavy hand. If you’re playing a C chord, you’ll want to mute the low E ubisoff. No cable or paperwork included. Updated post see above.

The object for sale is ONE item unless otherwise indicated. When you loosen to tune instead of tighten, sometimes there is still a little bit of slack left in the tuning system. Developed exclusively for Rocksmith, this revolutionary cable turns the guitar’s signal from analog to digital, allowing it to be recognized and played through video game consoles or PC for the first time. Using Rocksmith with your Amp.

Not sure if this could be your problem, but it may be related to how you tune your guitar. I am looking for a good alternative to the realtone cable that comes with RS. You are correct that no one has mentioned any testing with their claims. Ubisoft real tone cable always want to tune up going from flat to in tune rather than down going from sharp to in tune. Ubisoft real tone cable shop in Also shop in. So if you’re playing “the right notes” but you’ve got a bunch of wrong strings ringing out, you aren’t really doing it right and thus it’s proper for the game not to give you credit.


So I guess that means the workaround thread is somewhat out of date then. Ever see a live video of Jimi Hendrix where he’s fiddling with his tuning mid song? PC PS3 Xbox Really, that is news to me. Item pictured is the item ubisoft real tone cable sold.

Otherwise, It will just tell you to plug in a RealTone cable. Submit a new link.


Games Accessories Console Deals. So the string is temporarily in tune, but once you apply sufficient stress to the string bends, ubisoft real tone cable playing, pushing hard, playing many notes quickly, ect the string will go flat. Valid points, string skip saloon gets a bit crazy if notes are not being chocked off.